Why we are a little Different

I read this article today…see below link and it made me wonder are we doing everything for our kids and parents in our program.  I would like to say yes.

Articles like this disturb me as we continue to hear about good people leaving sports because of over zealous people and entitled players.

I had the pleasure of speaking at the US Lacrosse Idaho Chapter, Coaches Clinic this past weekend.  Terrific group of people who are trying to do things the right way.  I had many conversations with coaches and parents and we all came away with some of the same thoughts and perspectives.

Atlanta Youth Lacrosse continues to adhere to Fun, Fundamentals, Sportsmanship and Honoring the Game.  Our parents are great and they treat the players, coaches, officials and opposing teams with reverence and respect.  I have had other coaches and parents say how well behaved our parents and players are and what great sports they are.

This past winter we traveled to Tampa for a tournament and I was watching a game with our U13 team.  After the game the other coach was so incensed that he wanted to have a fight with the other coach and he and his players refused to shake hands with the opposing team.  Not only was I applauded but so were our players and many of the spectators in the area.  What was this coach teaching his players?  Or was he more concerned about winning?  Keep in mind his team lost by like 10 goals.

Our parents and coaches understand that their children are learning the game and having fun.  Everyone likes to win but it should be the last thing we strive for.

I have seen a great deal over the last thirty years of coaching and 95% is positive but we tend to spend time on the negative aspects of things.

Our players, parents, spectators and coaches like to do things a little differently or like we like to say “Doing things the right way”.

Be Positive and let the Negative Nellie’s find something else to do.


See ya on the field,


MJ & Coach Lou