The Crest


Lacrosse Sticks & Stars: The lacrosse sticks represent the game that AYL teaches. The four stars symbolize the four levels of our S.T.A.R. Volunteer program, as well as the four values we uphold in our mission: fun, fundamentals, sportsmanship, and honoring the game.

Coyotes & Honor : The Coyotes are our select teams. We provide our players with the opportunity to compete at the next level in lacrosse tournaments held throughout the country during the summer and fall. The “H” represents HONOR – lacrosse players always honor the game and do the right thing not only on the field and but also off the field.

The Compass: The compass represents the guidance we provide our players, and the ability for them to guide themselves along the right paths to success.

The Key: Keys are common symbols of knowledge and opportunity. They can open and close doors, leading to new goals and challenges. With the knowledge provided at AYL, our players will be able to open many doors on and off the field.