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Multisport Athletes

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I came across this article in lacrosse publication and know many of these coaches who addressed the issue of focusing only on lacrosse or being a multi-sport athlete.


Growing up we played any sport we could get our hands on and we rode bikes everywhere. From Sandlot baseball and football, pond hockey to hoops in a driveway. Growing up in the northeast where the weather was colder six months out of the year you only had a chance to swim in the summer. My friends and I would ride our bikes to the pool, go swimming and then play hoops till the sun came down. You looked forward to each season.

While in high school I had the opportunity to play football, wrestle and lacrosse. I looked forward to each season and the great thing about playing multiple sports is you get a chance to make up for a sub par season that may of occurred during football but you could excel in wrestling or lacrosse.

I was blessed to play on many winning teams and two championship teams during a four year High School career and four year College Career (Football and Lacrosse). I would not change a thing because it helped me in more ways than winning and losing. By playing multiple sports I was able to get a wonderful education at a place that allowed me to play two sports. Plus I made countless friendships during those years. All the lessons I learned from sports have helped me in both my professional career and coaching career not to mention the team work and leadership qualities I garnered.

So if you like Golf, Martial Arts, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Hoops, Baseball (yuck), Football, Hockey, Track or Lacrosse. Try and play as many as you can.

As one of the coaches in the article said “you are only in High School once…so have fun.”

See ya on the field,
Coach Lou

Earn Your Ending

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I had the exciting opportunity to watch the NCAA 2011 Wrestling Championships. The lead in to the championships was a wrestling/writing commercial, narrated by author John Irving. While it is specifically about wrestling, you could substitute the hard work it takes to succeed at any sport, and still maintain the narrative of success through dedicated training. Watch the video below and be inspired to earn your ending.