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23 Life Lessons

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Well it is my birthday on the 3rd and after twenty-three years on this Earth I believe a little reflection is in order. Here is a list of twenty-three lessons I have accumulated over the years and tried to follow:

  1. Treat others as you want to be treated
  2. Silence cannot be quoted
  3. Failure is a fact of life
  4. There is a difference between hurt and injured
  5. Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool
  6. Humility is highly underrated
  7. Pay attention
  8. Falling down may be hard but getting up is harder
  9. Men should tuck in their shirts
  10. Smile when saying thank-you
  11. Sir and ma’am should be used liberally by anyone under 25
  12. Goals are nice but the journey is far more satisfying
  13. Respect will buy far more than money ever will
  14. When you screw up man up and apologize
  15. Always treat women with honor and respect
  16. Hold the door open even if people don’t thank you
  17. Don’t show up on time, instead show up early
  18. Grunt work is needed in every job so get used to being in the trenches
  19. Embrace the dork inside of you
  20. When you win shut your mouth. When you lose shut your mouth
  21. Ask questions constantly
  22. Read every day
  23. When the s*&#t hits the fan. Step to the side of the fan.

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