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AYL Website Mini-Upgrade

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I spent a good amount of time this weekend doing a minor facelift to the Atlanta Youth Lacrosse homepage (www.ayllax.com), adding some new features, and creating more accessible pages for our players, parents, coaches, fans, and readers across the country.

I reworked the AYL homepage to better reflect where AYL began, what we do every day, and how we do what we do. First time visitors to www.ayllax.com will know at a glance that Atlanta Youth Lacrosse was the first youth lacrosse program in Georgia, what our five missions are every time we hit the field, and how we use lacrosse as a medium to help develop young players into responsible young adults.

There is a blue call to action area suggesting that anyone who wants to know more about AYL may send an email to our league directors. I didn’t want our contact information to be hidden on a separate page, and now a way to reach our staff is front-and-center to any visitor. Coach Lou, Mary Jo, or I will respond directly to any questions sent to questions@ayllax.com.

Visitors will also see what I consider the best compliment we’ve ever received about our youth lacrosse league, prominently highlighted in green – “We’re Intense About Being Laid-Back”. Parents bring their children to play at AYL because we do more than just develop skills or put on games. We maintain a family-friendly environment that allows kids to be kids while playing a game with their friends.


Visitors will also see a new a new menu option titled “Education: learn stuff“. Coach Lou and I have spent the last two years writing blog posts about playing, coaching, officiating, and watching lacrosse. We want the AYL website to be more than just a destination for our players and parents. We want this website to be a resource for any player or parent that finds our site. Once I finish some more coding this week, the “Education” page will hold regularly updated blog posts, as well as valuable links to additional resources that will be a tremendous asset to both novice and experienced lacrosse fans.

If anyones has any suggestions on how to further improve the AYL website please contact me at rules@ayllax.com. I hope everyone enjoys the updated home page and the new educational section of the site. I’m looking forward to writing more posts, officiating more games, and seeing everyone out at the fields.


Construction and Updates

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I’ve been doing a lot of heavy web lifting over the last several days to make Atlanta Youth Lacrosse more streamlined and have multiple avenues of communication between players, coaches, fans, officials, and staff. So let’s dig into what I’ve got in store for everybody:

Website Overhauls

  • The website didn’t change. Or did it? We created a section on the home page of www.ayllax.com, which will be used to update big happenings at Atlanta Youth Lacrosse.
  • U15 and High School players have their own website! Check out www.atllacrosse.com for more information.
  • Three new pages! Fans, Officiating, and Required Equipment have been added and will be updated as each season goes on. The fans page is a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to know how we expect our fantastic fans to act during games. The officiating page highlights yours truly and my partner in officiating Andy Halperin. We are the Head Officials at Atlanta Youth Lacrosse, and we will be posting more videos on that page for those interested in learning more about officiating. Lastly, a parent recently suggested I create a page detailing all the equipment that is required to play for each age level. Well ask, and you shall receive! The required equipment page will always showcase the needed equipment for each player as well as a link to a video I created showing new players how to gear themselves up.
  • AYL Coaches Highlight! On the home page we will be showcasing one of our fantastic youth coaches and their views on coaching lacrosse.

New Blog Posts!

Facebook Comments Integration

  • I have been pounding my head against the keyboard for the last week trying to figure this out, but I finally did it! Instead of the usual blog commenting system on the Atlanta Youth Lacrosse Blog, I have integrated Facebook comments. Friend Gordon Corsetti (me!) on Facebook, or like our Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaYouthLacrosse. From there every time a blog is posted you will get a notification saying something new is happening at AYL.
  • You can comment on each post either at the end of the post using the Facebook Commenting widget, or in the comment section under the article on Facebook. I look forward to hearing everybody’s comments and insights!

Well, that is all I have for now. Rest assured AYL is always striving to get the most out of available technology to better serve our members.

As always, if you have any post ideas feel free to email them to gordoncorsetti@gmail.com


More Streamlined Website For Our Members

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I’ve been doing a lot of research into the Google Analytics of www.ayllax.com, and I’ve found that most visitors only go to a few particular pages. Because of this I streamlined the AYL website to better reflect what people want to access, and make it easier for our visitors to access their favorite pages.

The main menu has been trimmed down to the six most important options that visitors go to regularly:

  1. Seasons
  2. Schedules
  3. Rosters
  4. Blog
  5. Contact
  6. Register

Each of these pages were visited multiple times by repeated visitors so I wanted to keep them front and center for all of our members.

Next up, the top menu. The Atlanta Coyotes, and S.T.A.R. Volunteer websites were added, along with Mary Jo’s Photobucket Account, and the AYL YouTube Page. Also added was the Directions page, which is visited quite frequently.

I am finally pleased with the look and feel of the AYL website. It has taken three years, a few variations, but I am finally at a stopping point. Now I can get back to what I like doing – writing posts about lacrosse.

Hope everyone likes the site.