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Improvements to ayllax.com

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This was supposed to be a post about cone drills for building quick feet, but I forgot the video camera is in Florida recording the U15 Coyotes at the U15 National Championship Games. So instead of recording a new speed and agility video, I’ve spent the last thirty-six hours upgrading and simplifying Atlanta Youth Lacrosse’s website. Below is a list of what’s changed along with links to all the new/updated pages.

Leagues, Schedule, Rosters

  • The main menu has been updated with Leagues, Schedule, and Rosters on the left side.
  • These menu options will not move again because AYL Members expressed a desire to always have that information easily available.
  • Leagues Page now contains a complete overview of the three different seasons: Spring, Fall, and Winter.
  • Complete League Rules are listed under “Leagues” for easy viewing. Any rule changes will be communicated via email.
  • The Master Schedule Page will list a complete game schedule for all teams for the entire season, and will be updated after July 30th.
  • The updated Rosters Page will display links to all team rosters on the new team websites, as well as a soon-to-come video explaining how members can use a new profile feature to find their team each season.

Top Menu, F.A.Q., and Weather

  • The top black menu above the AYL Logo contains two new links: General F.A.Q. and Weather Updates
  • Many members at the end of the Spring Season said they wanted more answers to their general questions. So the General F.A.Q. was developed with many of the most common questions the AYL Staff answers during the year. If anyone has questions that the F.A.Q. does not answer, you can always send your query to rules@ayllax.com.
  • The Weather Updates Page displays the four services AYL uses to inform members about field closures and game/practice cancellations, and ranks them in order of speed: Twitter, StatusMe, Team Websites (new!), and Field Status on the right hand side of ayllax.com.

Coyotes, Register Button, Lessons

  • Everyone will notice that all the coyote information from the past two years is gone. Not to worry! We are developing a website exclusively dedicated to the Atlanta Coyote teams. The Coyote link on the main menu will direct visitors to the soon-to-be-released, and pretty cool, Coyote website.
  • The Green Sign Up button is replaced by the new Green Register button! The AYL Staff felt register made more sense than sign-up. We are moving to a new registration system in August, and if you have any questions about this move please email rules@ayllax.com.
  • The “Lessons” link replaced “Training,” as the catch-all for private, group, camps, and clinics offered by AYL and it’s partner Lux-Lax. The Lesson’s page lists individual coach’s prices and contact information, as well as a request for instruction form. Fill out the form and AYL Staff will select the perfect instructor for your needs!

Photos, Videos, Feedback

  • The Photos page now links to Mary Jo’s Photobucket Account. Visitors may now go through all of the albums that she has put together over the years.
  • The Videos page is fully up and running! Visitors can select from over 100 videos of highlights, refcam, rule explanations, speed & agility drills, and more. As we add more videos each season, this page will be broken down into divisions, but for now all available videos may be found on this page.
  • The trouble with end-of-season feedback is we cannot make any changes until the next season. Underneath “Contact” is the “Feedback” page, which has an anonymous form where any AYL member can give us praise, criticism, or advice at any point during the year. This way, we can immediately address useful suggestions, and improve upon the smallest and largest areas of our program.

I hope everyone likes the improvements to ayllax.com. Feel free to email me at rules@ayllax.com if you have any questions. If you are bummed that there isn’t a cool video on cone drills, don’t worry! I’ll be posting that video by Wednesday once I get the camera back.

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Thank Tlaloc for the Rain

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We got the 9:00am game in today at Sandy Spring Middle School. Then the lightning came. Unfortunately, Georgia’s thunderstorm season sits smack dab in the middle of the Spring Lacrosse Season. While Riverwood and Marist High Schools graciously provide us with turf fields on most weekends, we cannot play when lightning and thunder are nearby. Page 98 of the NFHS rulebook states: “When thunder is heard, or a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt is seen, the thunderstorm is close enough to strike your location with lightning. Suspend play and take shelter immediately.”

Tlaloc - Ender of Lacrosse Games

Tlaloc - Ender of Lacrosse Games

So we must all thank the Aztec Rain God, Tlaloc, for the gift of rain instead of the gift of lacrosse. The Encyclopaedia-Brittanica states that Tlaloc was worshipped and feared. Worshipped because he brought life-giving rain to crops, and feared because he “hurled […] lightning upon the earth.” Well, we lacrosse enthusiasts do not farm. So thunderstorms on a Saturday are not desirable.

Despite the cancelation of today’s games, next Saturday’s (4/2) forecast is Sunny and 72 degrees. I do ask if anyone is doing rain dances to Tlaloc – please wait until the end of the season.

Stay tuned for a video or two later today. Since I am stuck in the house I need to find some way of keeping busy.