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Week 3 Results and Wall Ball Workouts

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Wall ball

Listed below are the Week 3 Results (We had a rainout for 7/8, (Girls Program), HS Boys and 1& 2 graders).  Will post those scores when we get them all in.

A word on Fall Ball Lacrosse.  I have stated in person and in emails that Fall Ball is to keep your stick in your hand as a experienced player and if you are brand new to learn the game.  However you cannot  improve in this game if you do not work at it.  That goes for the new player and the experienced player.  Several parents have asked me and sent emails saying that their son is struggling to learn how to play.  Again we do not have practices during Fall Ball as Spring is the main season for lacrosse.  You have to do some work on your own.  Listed below are some wall drills:  GET ON THE WALL IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR GAME 100%

Regards…Coach Lou

Wall Ball Workout

Kyle Harrison Wall Ball

Wall Ball II

Joe Waters Wall Ball

Big Ten Wins Losses Goals For Goals
Lions 3 0 34 8
Spartans 2 1 13 13
Badgers 2 1 20 17
Hoosiers 2 0 21 1
Wolverines 1 2 10 15
Wildcats 1 1 9 12
Hawkeyes 1 1 5 14
Buckeyes 0 3 14 20
Gophers 0 3 7 26
SEC Wins Losses Goals For Goals
Volunteers 3 0 23 6
Tigers 3 0 25 11
Razorbacks 2 1 12 12
Gators 1 2 10 12
Bulldogs 0 3 4 15
Crimson Tide 0 3 10 23

Stick Skills

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Stick Skills

The first thing people notice about lacrosse on Long Island, Baltimore or Up State New York is how fast the ball moves. This isn’t a result of football players playing lacrosse. This occurs because they have great stick skills. Having speed and strength is merely complimentary to stick work. In fact several athletes have reached the highest levels of the game despite a lack of physical gifts. Stick skills give everyone a chance to contribute to a team.

If you can’t throw and catch, you can’t run a drill. If you can’t run a drill, you can’t run an offense. If you can’t run an offense, you can’t win a game. If you can’t win a game, you’ll never become a champion.

Every player that wants to improve needs to work on their game every day.

Like I said last week, once you finish your chores and homework you can work on your game.  Find a wall (make a chalk mark or use a piece of tape)and make 5o passes (always start with your non dominant hand) to that spot then switch hands.  Make one handed passes, bounce passes etc etc.  There are tons of ways to improve but this is the quickest way to improve.

See ya on the field

Coach Lou