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Mickey’s Training Principles

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There was no greater underdog in sports than Rocky Balboa and Mickey knew it. He knew that turning Rocky from a fourth-rate fighter to heavyweight champion would require the most intense training he could conceive. Mickey gave him the tools but Rocky supplied the desire.

The following list of Mickey Principles and Quotes is provided by: www.blogs.amctv.com

1. A Man Should Never Be Afraid to Repeat Himself in Order to Get His Point Across

  • Mickey lives this piece of advice. Telling Rocky he needs to be faster doesn’t do the trick, so he says, “You got to get speed, demon speed. Speed’s what we need; we need greasy, fast speed.”

Chicken Chasing

Chicken Chasing

2. When In Doubt, Go Back to Basics

  • Ever wonder why Mickey makes Rocky chase around a chicken as a training method? No, not as a practical joke. Rocky himself wonders and asks “What do I got to chase a chicken for?,” to which Mickey responds, “Chicken chasing is how we used to do it in the old days.” See? There’s no school like the old school.

3. A Man Must Separate Business and Pleasure

  • Mickey doesn’t mess with anything that interferes with his fighters doing what they are supposed to be doing: fighting. And he says so after Rocky marries Adrian (whom he does eventually take to): “What’s with this domestic stuff? Tend to business, will ya?”

4. Every Man, No Matter What He Does, Needs to Know Math

  • Rocky isn’t exactly Will Hunting, and presumably neither is Mickey, but he knows that you need basic math skills to get through in life. There’s a mathematical and formulaic component to training that can’t be ignored. As Mickey says, “For a 45-minute fight, you got to train hard for 45,000 minutes.” Fact.

5. Never Laugh at Your Friends If They Don’t Read So Well

  • Rocky himself doesn’t read so well, but Mickey never makes fun of him for it. He makes fun of him for many things — but not his literary skills.
Coach Mickey

Coach Mickey

I love these quotes because they prove the age old principle that is lost in a world of modern quick-fixes that a championship is earned through sweat, blood, tears, desire, and unwavering conviction. To all of our growing players who are eyeing a starting position on their school team in a few years I want you to focus on the fourth Mickey principle about training for 45,000 minutes. Since Mickey was talking about boxing let’s break down his concept for lacrosse.

A regulation High School lacrosse game is four twelve-minute quarters:

  • 4 x 12 minutes = 48 minutes
  • 48 x 1,000 = 48,000 training minutes
  • 48,000 / 60 minutes = 800 hours
  • 800 / 24 hours = 33.33 training days

According to Mickey for one lacrosse game at the high school level you need to train for at least 33 days to be at your very best. However, a lacrosse season is not just one singular game. The typical lacrosse season has anywhere from 15-19 games. So taking a median number of 17 you get:

  • 33 days x 17 games = 561 days
  • 561 days / 365 days (or 1 year) = 1.5 years of total training time for 1 Varsity High School Season
"I will break you" - Drago

"I will break you" - Drago

But Gordon the off season is only 8 months long! How can I possibly get a year and a half worth of training time for each season? This is proof that math will only take you so far in your training. The rest will come from your unwavering conviction and desire to improve. If you approach each day of training during the offseason like you are fighting Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, or Ivan Drago you will be far ahead of your other teammates in security that starting spot.

To inspire you to reach your goals here is a Rocky training montage. When you’re done watching you’re “gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder” (www.imdb.com)!

Plus, check out Coyote players Jeremy and Justin chipping away at their training minutes. Only 44,985 minutes to go guys!

Featured Image Credit – www.dvdicas.com

“I love you Adrian!”

GLOA Adult Official Recruiting

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The Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association (GLOA) opened registration for prospective new High School and JV Officials for the 2011 lacrosse season. If you are interested or know of anyone who is interested in officiating lacrosse for the coming season please follow this link: http://galaxref.com/adult-registration.

Below is the information listed on the GLOA website galaxref.com

The deadline for registering is next Friday, Dec. 10th! Please note that High School level officials must be at least 18 years old and have graduated high school.

Candidates may submit their information online and will be interviewed by a GLOA board member.

The 2011 new officials candidate class will be limited this year to the top 25 candidates in order to provide better support. We are looking for sports officials with a willingness to learn that also have the availability to work plenty of youth/H.S. games this Spring.

First year referees candidates that are selected will receive extensive mentoring and on-field evaluation during the spring season, in addition to the complete preseason Level 1 US Lacrosse training class.

New officials will begin their training on Sunday evening, Jan. 9th (site TBA). The full 2011 training schedule for both new officials and veteran officials will be available soon at GALAXREF.com.

This will be my third year officiating for the GLOA and I’ve enjoyed nearly every moment. The training you receive from head trainers Don Stoppenbach and Jeff Green is top notch, but the camaraderie shared between all of the officials is where the fun is. Trading stories and listening to crazy on the field moments from guys who officiate youth ball to the World Games is something I don’t ever want to give up.

So if you are interested in joining the third team on the field, seeing the game from the best vantage point, and creating great lasting friendships then I challenge you to apply to become a GLOA official.


Youth Officials Training in September by the GLOA

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The Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association is offering a training session on September 23rd to youth players (18 years old or younger) interested in officiating youth lacrosse. The GLOA had a very successful training session this past weekend. Twenty five young men completed the US Lacrosse Level 1 Officials Training Program by going through four hours of classroom training, station training, and field training. The twenty five that completed the training are now qualified to officiate youth lacrosse at any league in Georgia.

If you are interested in becoming certified to officiate youth lacrosse I highly suggest registering for the September training session. The following is provided by the GLOA website www.galaxref.com.

Thursday, September 23rd Classroom Session
Hembree Park Recreation Center (HPRC)
850 Hembree Road
Roswell, GA 30076
Time- TBD

Field Training – Saturday, September 25th
Multiple Fields – All in the Roswell Area

To Register:

1) Go to the “Youth Officials Training” page on galaxref.com
2) Expand “Classes Available For Registration”
3) Review the class information and decide which session you want to participate in.
4) Expand the “Register For A Class” section and provide ALL of the requested information. (If you are not a US Lacrosse member, please go to www.uslacrosse.org to become a member and receive your membership number).
6) Follow the PayPal Link and pay for your training materials.

You will get an email confirming your registration.

This is a great way to both contribute to the lacrosse community and improve your lacrosse IQ.

Atlanta Youth Lacrosse will also be training youth officials during the 2010 Fall Season. If you are a youth or adult interested in officiating for Atlanta Youth Lacrosse please email Gordon Corsetti at gordoncorsetti@gmail.com. While Atlanta Youth Lacrosse does not certify new officials to officiate in other leagues as GLOA does. Gordon shadows and teaches each youth official and provides a solid foundation that will serve these officials well if they decide to complete the Level 1 Officials Training with the GLOA.

Yours in Lacrosse,
AYL Staff