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Happy Mother’s Day

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This is a very rare Sunday post, but Mother’s Day warrants a few words. My mom walks to the beat of a different drummer. As a result, she is not your typical mother.

As a young boy, I was eating my usual breakfast of pop-tarts and milk when my mom came into the kitchen with a hammer. She told me she was improving the dining room and needed me to hammer a lot of holes in the garage wall so she could reach the stud beams. Ha! What an excellent moment for a young kid with way too much energy. I woofed down my pop-tarts and walked into the garage to face down my flat nemesis. All I remember was swinging into the wall until I could not move my arm, but I am sure my mom walked past the window and chuckled in amusement. She may be an atypical mother, but she taught me if you want to improve something you are going to get covered in a lot of drywall.

That was just one of mom’s many projects I was involved in. She built decks in our backyard, refurbished the entire kitchen, created a sunroof office for my dad, retiled the basement bathroom, installed a sauna, and if there were any walls involved I got called in. Taught to be a carpenter by her father, my mom has never stilled her passion for building things up.

I woke up to the sound of power tools and the smell of sawdust so often I might as well have stayed at Home Depot. A quick side note, many of the employees at the local Home Depot knew my mom by name by the time I graduated. They were always amused at this tiny lady swinging a cart around with sheets of plywood. She taught me how to square two pieces of wood, set a plumb line, and avoid cutting my thumbs off on the table saw.

She always included my sister and I in her projects, and it always taught life lessons. By the time we were done measuring, cleaning, or cutting we came to appreciate working with our hands. We found out how satisfying it was to plan something out, gather needed materials, put the pieces together, and stand back to look at what we made. That is the biggest lesson my mom continues to teach me.

Mom, I hope these short words convey just a little bit of my love and thanks for everything you have done for me. You may be a little bit weird sometimes, but I would not trade you for the world. I mean, how many moms have an emotional attachment to their reciprocating saw? I can’t give that up.

With Love and Thanks.

Your Son,
Gordon Corsetti

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our players, parents, coaches, and volunteers!

We want to thank all of you for making Atlanta Youth Lacrosse a terrific success this year. The amount of donations sent in have been overwhelming and our volunteer hours are through the roof! Truly all of you have made Atlanta Youth Lacrosse what it is today and the Corsetti family cannot express our gratitude to everyone enough except to say we love you all and we can’t wait for Winter Outdoor to start!

With Love and Thanks,
Mary Jo, Lou, Gordon, and Caitlin Corsetti