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Why So Serious?

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I just don’t get it. Why take Fall Ball so seriously? Here’s a little confession of mine: I find those who take fall lacrosse games seriously a good bit silly. I just don’t understand how someone can get all wrapped up in a game that is occurring outside of the regular season. Where standings and a championship don’t hold any water. So your team won every Fall Ball game, congratulations, but I’ll care about how you do in the spring.

Maybe it’s the official in me that find it difficult to relate to most people watching and participating in sporting events. Even during regular season games I don’t care who wins or loses as long as the game was played safely and fairly. Somehow Fall Ball morphed into a fun time to get your skills sharp for the regular season into a full-blown battle royale of bragging rights. When the truth is Fall Ball is a tool for improvement, nothing more.

Want to take something seriously about Fall Ball? Worry less about the score and your team’s standings. Worry instead about improving. Take your improvement as a player, coach, fan or official seriously.

I cannot stand seeing a dominate left-handed player still dominating with his left hand during Fall Ball games. It infuriates me because that individual is not getting better as a player. So he can go to the goal with his left hand, slip past every defender with his patented face dodge, and rip the ball in the top right corner with his lefty submarine shot. So what? That player is not improving, he is simply dominating. Domination is for the regular season. Improvement is for the off-season.

Instead of dominating with his left hand that player should be focusing entirely on making his right hand game as good as his left. So what if he gets stripped of the ball? So what if his new dodge fails? So what if his righty shot misses the cage so high that the ball could strike an orbiting satellite? So what? So what? So what? Nothing matters! The fall season is the time for improvement and taking your game to the next level.

So let’s all stop and take a breath for a moment. Let’s remember that Fall Ball is only a serious undertaking when the goal is improvement. It is not for bragging rights or domination. It is for getting better.

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