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AYL TV – Unsportsmanlike Conduct

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Rule 5, Section 9 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct (NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rule Book)

Art. 1 – No player, substitute, nonplaying member of a squad, coach or anyone officially connected with a competing team shall:

A – Enter into an argument with an official as to any decision that has been made or in any way attempt to influence the decision of an official.

B – Use threatening, profane or obscene language or gestures at any time during the game.

C – Bait or call undue attention to oneself, or any other act considered unsportsmanlike by the officials.

Rule 6, Section 11 – Ejection (NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rule Book)

Art. 1 – A player, substitute, coach, nonplaying member of a team or anyone officially connected with the team shall be ejected for:

A – Deliberately striking or attempting to strike anyone or leaving the bench area during an altercation.

B – Use of tobacco or smokeless tobacco.

C – Second non-releasable, unsportsmanlike foul.

D – Any action deemed by the officials to be flagrant misconduct.

Unless punches are thrown, which is an automatic ejectable USC,  many officials will avoid giving an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty right away. Often the officials will give a verbal warning first, then move onto a 30-second conduct foul, and finally give a USC for the third offense. However, if the player, coach, or fan is especially belligerent or if the action is excessively violent that progression may not always be used.

In the youth game officials are supposed to help educate the player. Just giving them a USC and sending them to the box is not an education. It is punishment. When these situations occur our officials will make the effort during or after the game to explain the penalty to the player and how that player can avoid getting another in the future.

Remember players, your actions effect your teammates both positively and negatively. Make sure your actions stay positive.


AYL TV – Unnecessary Roughness

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Rule 5, Section 8 – Unnecessary Roughness (NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rule Book)

Art. 1 – “An excessively violent infraction of the rules against holding and pushing.”

Art. 2 – “Deliberate and excessively violent contact made by a defensive player against an offensive player who has established a screening position.”

Art. 3 – “Any avoidable act on the part of a player that is deliberate and excessively violent, whether it be with the body or crosse. This may include a legal body check.” (The Buddy Pass)

Art. 4 – “A check delivered with the gloved hand or hands may not be delivered with a punching blow.”

These are the penalties that make the crowd go “OOOOHHHHH!” Unnecessary Roughness, or UR, is almost entirely a judgement call by the ref. If the official believes a hit was too violent for the age level of the players then a flag will likely be thrown.

Hopefully this video helped you understand the basics of Unnecessary Roughness. This call is typically used as a reminder penalty. It lets the coaches and the players know that the last hit was a little too late or a little too high. It tells everyone on the field to calm down a notch and resume proper body checking.

Remember this is a very subjective call and will likely change game to game and age group to age group.

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