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The Master Game Schedule

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I love criticism because it means I can do something better. One of the biggest criticisms Atlanta Youth Lacrosse received this past Spring Season was the lack of a Master Game Schedule, and that the schedule changed from week to week. This criticism was valid for two reasons. One, there was no Master Game Schedule. Two, our lovely Director, Mary Jo Corsetti, organized the weekly schedule because our fields were available at different times each week. After spending the last two weeks setting up the Fall Schedule my hat is off to my mother for many years of putting together schedules week after week.

Because this criticism ranked highest among the things AYL could improve on, I set out to find a quality program that would allow us to provide all members with a Master Game Schedule. Well, I lucked out tremendously with League Toolbox. This company creates and continually improves upon a host of league management software tools. On top of ridiculously good and timely customer support, League Toolbox knew more about creating schedules than I thought possible.

Because of League Toolbox’s tools, this season we offer three distinct methods of viewing the Fall Ball Schedule:

  • Download the Master Game Schedule
    • Perfect if you want to cross out games as we move through the season.
  • Dynamic Master Game Schedule: http://ayllax.leaguetoolbox.com/league/schedule.php
    • This schedule allows you to select “division” and “team”
    • For example, select “3/4th Grade” and “Outlaws,” and you will be directed to the Outlaw’s Individual Team Schedule
  • Individual Team Websites Next Game Banner
    • Get familiar with your team’s website. Every time you visit the homepage you will see a list of upcoming games on the left, and a large banner displaying your team’s next game, opponent, location, and time.

Remember, all of this information is accessible at: www.ayllax.com/master-game-schedule. If you forget when to show up for a game just check the schedule, and it will be there waiting for you.

Finally, I put together a short video tutorial. This video details how to access the Master Game Schedule, and all the different formats it is presented in.

As always, if you have comments or questions, please post them below in the comment section.


Spring 2012 Registration Is Open!

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Register for the 2012 Spring Season!

Atlanta Youth Lacrosse upgraded to League Toolbox over the offseason. Here are a few of the many services League Toolbox allows AYL to give to our members:

  1. Register your family only once – and enter information only once – Once a parent has registered, they register their children with ease. Family discounts and price breaks for multiple children can be setup and are automatically applied.
  2. Individual Team Websites  – Each team in each division gets their own website! For example, gorillas-ayllax.leaguetoolbox.com
  3. Master Schedule, Team schedule, and Family schedule – View the schedule in three different ways. A complete master schedule will always be available, but the individual team websites lists the dates and times for your team’s games. Also, you can login to your League Toolbox profile and view your personalized family schedule, which lists every game that your children are playing in!
  4. Communication – if a game gets canceled, or a field is rained out only those affected team players, coaches, and parents get an email.
  5. Team Standings and Scores – we’re keeping better track of scores and standings than ever before. By Monday afternoon, all of the weekend games’ scores will be entered into the system. You can see how well your team is doing compared to other teams in the 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and HS leagues!
  6. Your Profile – here you can view:
    1. Your username and password
    2. Your family schedule
    3. Your children. Plus what division they are in and what team they are on
    4. Your information. Change your personal information
    5. Invoices from everything you ever registered for at Atlanta Youth Lacrosse, starting with Spring 2012 Registration (wink, wink)

To register, click the Large Green “Spring 2012” Registration Button at the top of our website www.ayllax.com. From that registration link you will be able to login and register for a season, camp, clinic, or AYL event. We even streamlined the registration process so you don’t have to click as often or as much! If you are prompted, please click allow or trust, when directed to registration page for the first time.

We hope everyone likes the new registration system, but we realize this change may cause confusion and more than a few questions. If you are having trouble with registration, would like to know more about it, or want to discuss the benefits of the new system, please contact our Head Official and registration director, Gordon Corsetti at rules@ayllax.com.

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AYL Update – League Toolbox

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With the continued growth of Atlanta Youth Lacrosse, we at AYL are excited to announce our move to League Toolbox for online registration, scheduling, donations, and overall league management. Since last November I have hunted for a league management solution that could offer more to our members than our current registration software. After months of searching, League Toolbox stood higher than all of the rest. Below is a breakdown of how AYL will transfer from Sports Signup to League Toolbox, as well as all the features each team, coach, player, and parent can expect.

Please note that we are moving to League Toolbox’s Online Registration System for Spring 2012 registration and phasing out our old registration system. If you registered for the 2011 Fall Season using Sports Signup – you do not need to do anything! I will be pulling each player’s registration information into the new system for the 2011 Fall Season. Your spot is still secure. We will let everyone know when AYL moves entirely over to League Toolbox Online Registration.

New Feature Rollouts

  • Fall Season 2011
    • Individualized Team Websites
    • Master Schedule
      • Family Schedule (Your profile updates with games depending on how many players are signed up from your family. No more hunting for you child’s games!)
    • League Standings and Team Win/Loss Record
    • 3rd Backup for Field Closures (Along with Status Me and Twitter Feed)
  • Spring Season 2012
    • New Registration System (will open in August, along with step-by-step video tutorial)

The main goal of rolling out these features is to get all of our parents and players familiar with the new system, without overwhelming everyone. The features I am really happy about rolling out early are the Master Schedule and Team Websites. Each team in each division gets their own website that lists the team’s: schedule, win/loss record, standings, game results, team roster, photos, and sponsors. I believe each of these tools will allow all of our members to better organize their travel plans and carpool assignments. As well as feel more connected with their team through their team’s website.

To better cover all the features the team websites provide, I created a 5 minute video overview. After watching this video, I hope will be as excited about League Toolbox as I am.

To view this video at it’s highest quality please change 360p to 720p on the video menu.

If you would like to check out the High School team websites:

The team websites for Pre K – 2nd, 3/4th, 5/6th, and 7th Grades will be created once Fall Registration concludes.