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Rules Breakdown and Game Expectations

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Tomorrow is the big day because its GAME DAY! That’s right, Atlanta Youth Lacrosse’s Fall Ball season gets underway Saturday with U9, U11, and U13 games. With games comes responsibility. Everyone, including players, coaches, parents, fans and staff must take responsibility for following the rules for games and conduct at our fields. So let’s breakdown the rules for each division with this handy chart:


If anyone has any questions about the rules of the game, feel free to email me at rules@ayllax.com or find me or Andy Halperin at the fields. We are always willing to answer questions.

Also, if you are new to the game please check out Tadpole Lacrosse. This is a document that I put together that is an introduction to lacrosse for new players and parents.

Now onto rules for everyone while down at our fields:

  • Unless you are a Pre K (Incredibles) parent, we ask that you stay behind the fence surrounding the fields. Our STAR volunteers will be on hand to assist players with gearing up.
  • No dogs, unless you have a service/assistance dog.
  • No score. We will not be keeping score during any of the games. We want Fall Ball to be centered around player improvement. Having a score gets in the way of what players should be focusing on during games.
  • We are guests of Riverwood High School. Please do not leave any trash at these facilities. We expect everyone involved with our program to be respectful and courteous to all Riverwood staff.
  • Please park only in the upper parking lot.
  • Please review the Positive cheering and How To Yell When Watching From The Sidelines posts. We expect all fans to be good sports before, during and after each game. We do not want to stop or terminate a game because of poor behavior from one individual or group of people, but we will do so if necessary.

I believe that covers everything. If I missed anything, we will notify everyone via our weekly newsletter. I hope everyone is as excited for the first day of Fall Ball as I am. Let’s make tomorrow a great day for everyone involved!


Meet & Greet Recap

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Many thanks to all of our parents and players who came out to the Meet & Greet this Saturday. Especially to the U9 group, who persisted through a twenty-minute torrential downpour! The players in each division had themselves a blast meeting their coaches and teammates. I was personally psyched to see a considerable amount of new players and new parents who decided to join AYL this fall. We welcome you all to our league and this great game!

I’m going to cover what was explained to each group and then dig into the specifics for each division. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at rules@ayllax.com. Now, onto the recap:

  • Division-wide comments
    • There are some common themes that our director, Mary Jo, and I covered with each group of parents. Mary Jo explained that email is the best way to reach our staff, and that we send out weekly newsletters to keep everyone informed about the going-ons of the league.
    • The officials in each division will focus on four things: safety, safety, safety, and fairness. If those four things are taken care of then all of the players will have fun.
    • Rules may be found on the Game Rules Page.
    • Both Mary Jo and I emphasized that parents are critical in our league. We lean on our parents heavily to be as positive as possible while at the field for practices, clinics, or games. I strongly believe that we have some of the best parents around because everyone buys into our league’s philosophy of: fun, fundamentals, sportsmanship, and honoring the game.
  • U9 comments
    • I mentioned that there would be a full video explanation about how a 7 on 7 game works at the U9 level. Unfortunately, I ran into technical difficulties. Namely, my camcorder not being in my new apartment. I will be recording the video tomorrow and posting it Wednesday.
  • U11 comments
    • I gave a quick overview of what to expect from myself and our co-head official, Andy Halperin while officiating games. More to come on the in-depth rules post on Thursday.
  • U13 comments
    •  I gave a quick overview of the rule changes from U11 to U13. They will be covered in-depth on a post this Thursday. I am going to try my hand at crafting what I hope will be a useful chart to easily show the rule differences at a glance.

Both Coach Lou and Mary Jo will attest that I had almost no voice when we got together for dinner after the conclusion of the day. Due to the fact that I tried to introduce myself to as many new parents while they were watching their player from the sidelines. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I hope I answered your questions satisfactorily. Many of the questions asked will be added to the FAQ page later this week so everyone can benefit from the answers. On the subject of questions, remember to email me at rules@ayllax.com if you have any throughout the season.

I think I mentioned this to all of the groups, but if I didn’t here is a great publication by US Lacrosse entitled:

Youth Rules and Best Practices Guidebook For Boys (First Edition)


If you are completely new to the game, or want a refresher on the rules, or if you want to know what the national governing body for lacrosse believes the game is all about then download the above pdf and dig through it.