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Personal Fouls Review

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With one weekend of games in the books it is time for a short review of personal fouls. As many of you are aware, I am working on developing a library of lacrosse penalties for the youth game. Below are each of the videos in the “Personal Fouls” series. Hopefully, they will answer any questions that new or returning players and parents have regarding the fouls they see during an average game.

If you would like to view the individual posts, which go into greater written detail, please visit this page: http://ayllax.com/category/penalties-2


My Painful Present

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As some of you know I am a fitness junkie. The tougher, harder, wilder, and crazier something is I am all for it. I decided to give myself a serious challenge for my birthday so on March 13 I will be attempting the Georgia Tough Mudder 2011.

The Tough Mudder was inspired by individuals who wanted a challenging race at every step. Billed as the “Toughest Event on the Planet” this event is not a race because getting the fastest time is not the point. Surviving every obstacle through the eleven mile route while giving your competitors a helping hand is the main objective because everyone is suffering together. Check out the video below for a brief introduction on how dirty I am going to get:

Tough Mudder Preview – YouTube

The second reason I am running the race is because the Tough Mudder is a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project. With two of my cousins currently deployed in the United States Army and United States Marine Corps I am all for donating what money I can to the truly tough guys. If you feel compelled to donate to this worthy cause here is the link: Donate to Wounded Warrior.

Here is the route I’ll be attacking on the 13th. Did I mention that the obstacles were designed by British Special Forces Soliders? I’m especially looking forward to the electrified wires!

If anyone cares to join me in misery registration is still open until March 7! – Register for Georgia Tough Mudder

Featured Image Credit – www.toughmudder.com


23 Life Lessons

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Well it is my birthday on the 3rd and after twenty-three years on this Earth I believe a little reflection is in order. Here is a list of twenty-three lessons I have accumulated over the years and tried to follow:

  1. Treat others as you want to be treated
  2. Silence cannot be quoted
  3. Failure is a fact of life
  4. There is a difference between hurt and injured
  5. Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool
  6. Humility is highly underrated
  7. Pay attention
  8. Falling down may be hard but getting up is harder
  9. Men should tuck in their shirts
  10. Smile when saying thank-you
  11. Sir and ma’am should be used liberally by anyone under 25
  12. Goals are nice but the journey is far more satisfying
  13. Respect will buy far more than money ever will
  14. When you screw up man up and apologize
  15. Always treat women with honor and respect
  16. Hold the door open even if people don’t thank you
  17. Don’t show up on time, instead show up early
  18. Grunt work is needed in every job so get used to being in the trenches
  19. Embrace the dork inside of you
  20. When you win shut your mouth. When you lose shut your mouth
  21. Ask questions constantly
  22. Read every day
  23. When the s*&#t hits the fan. Step to the side of the fan.

Featured Image Credit – www.willlukang.wordpress.com