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The Basics: Ground Ball Pickup

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Easily one of the most fundamental skills of lacrosse is how to properly pick up a ground ball. In youth games especially, the ball is on the ground quite often, so knowing how to pick up a ground ball (or GB) is paramount in youth lacrosse. However, there is more to picking up a ground ball than just bending over and scooping through. Players should also shout out “ball” to let their teammates know to get out of the way. They must get low enough to make scooping a natural and smooth motion. Plus, they need to run away, preferably with a wide turn, in order to avoid the opponents that want to check the ball out of their stick.

If there is one key thing to remember about picking up a ground ball it is this – The player who wants the ball the most and tries to pick it up as perfectly as they can, will get the ball in a tough scrum. To all new and experienced players and parents, here is the second video in the series entitled “The Basics.” It details how to properly pick up a ground ball, and two drills that coaches can use to teach players how to pick up a GB more effectively.

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