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A Goalie Stick

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There are moments in life I deeply cherish and this is one of them. Tyler Bass is an AYL STAR and lacrosse player in our league. His father Scott sent me an essay that Tyler wrote for a class assignment entitled “A Goalie Stick.” I am constantly amazed by young players like Tyler who use their own creativity to make the game of lacrosse their own.

Before going on both Tyler and his father gave permission for the publication of this essay on the AYL Blog. I hope you enjoy this essay as much as I did.


******* A Goalie Stick – by Tyler Bass *******

Many call me the eclipse, but I am a piece of art, a savior to a team, a lacrosse goalie stick.  My pocket has a beautiful channel that stretches almost all the way to my top.  My white shooting strings are loose and throw the ball with perfect aim and distance. I am the most beautiful color, forest green. I glow in the sun as all the smaller sticks stare in awe. I may have a few battle scars such as a dented shaft but I am still majestic and strong.

I am pulled out of my bag for warm ups I am relaxed and concentrated. I can’t wait for the game but it seems like an eternity away. Why can’t I just be taken to the goal and get shot on? I hate stretching; it’s so boring because all I get to do is sit in the goalie’s hand. Finally I hear the call for goalies to go to a goal to get warmed up. The goalies are talking casually above me as I sit in concentration getting ready to take some shots. I am carried into the goal. The balls come slowly at first barely hurting me but then I feel the shots coming around 60 mph into my pocket. I feel like I should scream out because of the pain but I know that no one could hear me. The warm ups are over I’m ready fore the big game. My goalie is the starter so I get to go out first! The ref blows the whistle and the faceoff begins. A struggle is seen but the other team comes up with the ball. The slowly make there way down the field.

The goalie calls out the position of the ball as I feel the pressure inside me rising to levels that can only be seen in games. I hear the goalie scream at the top of his lungs the position of the ball top left, top left. As the other team passes the ball I hear my goalie yell check and all the defenders check the other team’s sticks. The other team somehow comes up with the ball. I see the player attempting to wind up but he fakes the defender and shoots past him! My goalie yells slide and the defender who was playing crease moves up. Oh no I saw the mistake before it was made. The two slide didn’t slide down to the defender on the crease! The player sees this and throws the ball toward him. This is the big moment. The first save of the game.

I see the ball flying through the air as I am moved toward the kid on the crease. Why am I being held so low when I should be high in the air so that I can make the save? The ball is floating slowly in the air towards the kid on the crease. He catches the ball and time seems to slow down. He winds up for a shot and tries to dunk it past me. All of a sudden I am thrust into the air and placed in front of the shooters stick. I get it now, my goalie was baiting the defender to shoot high so he could spring up and make the save! I am now beginning to feel the pain in my pocket from the shot. I feel exhilarated by the save. This feeling is like no other. When you make the first save of a game you never know how hard the ball is coming or where the ball is coming. When you actually make the save you are always happy because you feel like you didn’t let your team down. After my quick moment of joy I am whipped around and the ball comes out of my pocket and hits a defender right in the stick. I am lowered as the big sweaty goalie gloves that hold me calmly loosen there grip.

I watch the ball slowly progress its way down the field as I rejoice to myself about the save that I made. I do this again and again for the rest of the game. I only let a few shots past me into the goal. When I do this I feel like I have let my team down but I know that I must suck it up and give my best for the rest of the game. As the game slowly winds down I am satisfied with my performance. The clock slowly winds down from 5 seconds left. The crowd counts down the second, 5…4…3…2…1. I hear the buzzer ring as I see a group of team mates rushing towards me.

The coach calls us over and gives us a talk about our performance. As the group slowly breaks up I hear congratulations and good game being said to my goalie. My goalie is joking around with some of his friends so he sets me out in the open for a while. I look down at my self and see fresh dents in my shaft. My mesh has become dirty. I am slowly losing my beauty. I know that I am still good no matter how dirty my mesh is, but I like looking good. My goalie picks me up and takes me over to my bag. I am placed back into the dark and sweaty lacrosse bag. I wish I could just stay out! Do I really have to wait until practice tomorrow! I want to see more action so badly. I wait; bored out of my mind until finally I see a streak of light! I am being opened…


Tyler, reading this made me once again remember why I love coaching youth athletes. If writing continues to give you pleasure I encourage you to continue.

Along the creative writing meme remember the Spirit Essay Competition is currently going on for all 5th and 6th Graders!

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