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Why we teach fundamentals

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My son Gordon Corsetti who is the Manager, of Men’s Officials Development for US Lacrosse sent me this interesting article regarding the lost art of fundamentals.

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As a long time coach, I cringe when I see players not having the skills to improve their game but more importantly not having fun because they can’t catch and pass the ball, scoop a ground ball or check properly.

If you can’t master the fundamentals how can you get creative by throwing a stick fake or a behind the back pass or shot.

Atlanta Youth Lacrosse Coaches try and teach the sport the correct way and it starts with the fundamentals of our sport.

Each week I see a vast improvement of our players skill sets and it fills me with pride as our players are having fun as well as learning the basics of the game.

You have seen us implement the US Lacrosse LADM (Long Term Athlete Development) model with our Incredible program as well as our small sided games for U11 and below players.  The players get more touches on the ball as well we have the four-second rule the forces players to get open and pass the ball to their teammates.  Along with our NO RAKING rule in the Fall these small adjustments in the game help all of our players improve their skills.

I coach a high school team locally and I watched several JV games the last few weeks prior to our contests.  The opposing teams players had major difficulty doing simple tasks like catching and throwing and frankly many of our youth players had better fundamental skills than they did.

This goes back to the article above you can have all the fancy uniforms you want and play for a travel team if you can’t catch and throw you won’t have any success.


See ya on the field…Coach Lou


Introducing Austin Heaton, Director of Player Development and Operations

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I am pleased to announce that Austin Heaton will be joining our Team as Director of Player Development and Operations.  Austin is a US Lacrosse Level 1 certified coach and will also be the Offensive Coordinator/Goalie Coach for Dunwoody High School.

Austin Heaton began his lacrosse career during the 4th grade with Atlanta Youth Lacrosse. He found his niche early on playing both Attack and Midfield at the youth level and in turn, played both Attack and Midfield as he grew into the competitive level.  Austin played for The Lovett School for 3 years at the Varsity level.  Injuries forced Austin to switch to the Goalie position for his senior year.  In 2009, Austin was voted as 2nd Team All-State as a Goalie for his lone season at the position.  Austin is a Two-Time State Champion, winning Championships in both his Junior and Senior seasons.

Continuing his studies at The University of Mississippi, Austin played for the Ole Miss Club team for his freshman year in 2009-2010.  Beyond his day-to-day duties, Austin acts as provisional Director whenever Lou or Mary Jo are away from the fields. He is also the Head Coach for the Regional Coyotes.

Austin’s long-standing passion for the game and developing Atlanta’s youth into both players and young men is what makes him show up day in and day out. “Growing up, I always thought that the young men and counselor’s teaching me in the sport were the coolest guys around.  I always looked up to them.” Austin now reciprocates that feeling of appreciation and gratitude by helping teach and guide those younger than him with his vast IQ of the game.

Mary Jo and I have known Austin and his family since he was a young player and I am thrilled that we will be working so close together developing players for Atlanta Youth Lacrosse.

See ya on the field…Mary Jo and Coach Lou


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For those of you that do not know about our STAR (Students That Accept Responsibility) take a look at this terrific article about the Tidewater Lacrosse program.  http://www.uslacrosse.org/blog/youthful-ambassadors-spreading-lacrosse-goodwill

This year will mark the 18th time I will speaking at the US Lacrosse National Convention in Baltimore.  I will be presenting our STAR program which was the brainchild of my wife Mary Jo 10 years ago.  The STAR program much like the Tidewater youth ambassadors (mentioned in the above article) is something that young people can wrap their arms around and help others.  Our STAR’s are committed young men/women who want to help spread the great game of lacrosse.

About the STAR program:

Our STAR’s are upstanding members of the community that recognize the value of volunteering their time and energy to provide a wonderful experience to everyone who comes out to enjoy lacrosse. As the name implies, we cultivate a culture of responsibility at our fields where our volunteers are expected to show up on time, work hard, engage with the players and coaches, assume leadership roles and, most importantly, have fun.

The Intangibles

  • S.T.A.R.s learn how to behave professionally in a work environment
  • They learn how to properly communicate their availability through e-mail
  • As our S.T.A.R.s grow older their responsibilities grow as well.
  • S.T.A.R.s learn how to use criticism to their advantage because occasionally mistakes will happen. We do not shy from critiquing the work of any S.T.A.R. but we do provide an environment where mistakes are okay because they are the only way to learn.

Volunteer Hours

Many schools in Georgia require volunteer hours, many colleges like seeing applicants who have volunteered in their community. Our S.T.A.R. program provides ample opportunities for students to accumulate  volunteer hours along with the potential to earn a paycheck.

S.T.A.R.s are a very visible part of our lacrosse program and they understand that their actions while working reflect the character of Atlanta Youth Lacrosse.
We expect all of our volunteers to respect players, parents, and their fellow volunteers.