Parent F.A.Q.’s

This Parent F.A.Q.’s covers the most common questions new members have about Atlanta Youth Lacrosse.
If you have a question that is not covered in this F.A.Q.’s  please email

“Where are the games played?”

  • Games are primarily played at Hammond Park or Dunwoody Springs Elementary School.
  •  If we need to change fields, all AYL members will be informed via email.
  • Directions to all field locations may be found on our Directions page.

“When and where are practices?”

  • Spring is the only season where practices are scheduled and they last approximately 1 hour.  These practices are biweekly and are scheduled for Mondays through Fridays.
  • There are no practices during the Fall season.
  • Practices are held at Hammond Park , Dunwoody Springs Elementary or High Point Elementary in Sandy Springs.

“How many players are on each team?”

  • We follow US Lacrosse LADM – Lacrosse Athlete Development Model – here

“Who are your coaches?”

  • Fall and Spring coaches are parents or local volunteers, and their time and dedication to our league is something we deeply appreciate. Any coaches that are brand new to the game are helped by an experienced AYL Staff Member during games and practices when available. Coaches are required to be US Lacrosse members and undergo background checks.
  • If you are interested in becoming an AYL coach you may email with your request.

“Is there a background check involved when selecting coaches?”

  • All adult coaches must be current US Lacrosse members, have a yearly background check by two background check providers.

“What are the rules for each age group?”

  • The rules are too extensive to list on this F.A.Q.
  • To view the rules for each age level in their entirety please visit the Game Rules Page.

“When should we show up for practice/games?”

  • Always arrive at the field for practices or games at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Start getting dressed in the car; shoulder pads,  arm pads, and practice/game jerseys should already be on the player before they step onto the field. When players arrive at the field they should only have to put on their helmet and gloves to be ready to go.

“How is parking set up?”

  • All of our locations offer paved parking. When at any of our locations we request that all members park in designated parking spaces when possible.
  • Atlanta Youth Lacrosse is not liable for any damage or loss of property at any game or practice. While each parking lot is in a secure area it is recommended that you either hide or bring any valuables with you.

“The weather looks a bit rough. How do I know when fields are open for practices and games?”

  • Because we are mostly on sprint turf fields, we only cancel if there is thunder or lightning and severe unpredictable weather.
    • We communicate via email regarding weather cancellations or postponements.
  • We always watch the weather reports but sometimes pop up storms occur.
  • We have nearby shelter at Hammond Park, Dunwoody Springs Elementary, High Point.
  • If bad weather continues after a 30 minute hold we will decide to either cancel or continue.

“Where are spectators permitted during games?”

  • Spectators are not permitted on the field at any time at any level of play.
  • Spectators are not permitted in or around team benches, box/score table area. The only parents who may be in these areas are PreK – Kindergarten parents.
  • Spectators are allowed to use the bleachers, or set up their own chairs on the far side of the field. Any spectators observing from unsafe/undesignated areas will be asked to move.
  • No one is allowed to view the game or take photos from any point along the endline. The game must be stopped in this situation as this is a serious safety issue.

“Do you supply water or should we bring our own?”

  • Players are required to bring their own water to practices and games. We recommend a water bottle that holds 32 ounces or more and has a straw so players do not have to remove their helmet for a drink.

“Are there restrooms at game/practice fields?”

  • Hammond Park field has restrooms. Dunwoody Springs has Port o Johns.“May I bring my dog(s) to games or practices?”
  • We love dogs but the facilities that we lease do not permit dogs on or around field locations. Please leave your pets at home.
  • Trained service animals are permitted.

“What happens if a player is hurt during a game/practice?

  • Injuries can and do happen. We bring basic medical supplies including: bandaids, ice.
  • In the event of a serious injury we have the parents bring their child to a hospital/doctor, or call 911.
  • We do not maintain a trainer/ambulance on site for games or practice.

When is the schedule posted and how can I view it?”

  • The Master Schedule will be emailed out or  posted at least two weeks prior to the start of each season.

“Do you offer any financial assistance for families that may need it?”

  • For more detailed information please contact with the subject line “Financial Assistance”.

“Why do I have to pay to become a member of US Lacrosse?

  • Players are required to provide their US Lacrosse ID number when registering for our league.
  • Our league is insured under US Lacrosse insurance. Visit for all information regarding US Lacrosse membership.

“I canceled/cannot attend this season. What is your refund/credit policy?”

  • AYL offers league credit.
  • The only time refunds are issued is in the event that AYL cancels a league, camp, or clinic. In the event of an illness or injury prior to the start of the season which, prohibiting a player from playing during the current or next season, a partial refund maybe offered.
  • No refunds or credits are issued due to weather cancellations.
  • If you have further questions about our refund or credit policies please contact

“How are players put on a team?”

  • We do our best to include a balanced mix of beginner, intermediate, and experienced players on each team.
  • Carpool requests are considered, but cannot be guaranteed.

“I’m looking at the roster and my kid is not on the right team. How can this be changed?”

  • Mistakes can, will, and do happen. Some names will be skipped or misspelled. The first few roster postings are drafts and are subject to change.
  • Once rosters are finalized, the only changes will be to name/grade corrections, cut/paste errors, and last minute additions.
  • We only accept email requests for corrections/changes through We no not accept any phone calls regarding roster inquiries.

“What should my child wear?”

  • Georgia weather changes quickly. We always recommend checking, or your local weather station when determining what to wear. Keep in mind that an active player should generally wear clothes for weather that is 20% cooler than the recorded temperature to compensate for their body heating up during practices and games.
  • In exceptionally cold weather it is recommended that players wear a thin pair of gloves under their lacrosse gloves. Football receiver gloves are perfect in this situation.

“What equipment is required to practice/play?”

  • Boys: Helmet, mouthguard, protective cup,  shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, turf shoes or cleats, lacrosse stick
  • Boy Goalies: Helmet, mouthguard, protective cup, throat guard, chest protector, goalie stick,  turf shoes or cleats
  • View the Required Equipment page for more details.

“Where can I purchase or rent equipment?”

  • We recommend Play it Again Sports Buckhead, located on Roswell Road. PIAS offers the best selection of beginner gear along with a knowledgeable staff.
  • Mention that your child is an AYL player and receive 10% discounts on Play it Again Sports purchases.
  • You can purchase NEW, USED equipment or join their equipment BUY BACK program. You can even trade in your old sports equipment!

“Do players get jerseys each season?”

  • Spring season: Players will receive a game jersey and shorts.
  • Fall season: Players receive a reversible pinnie

“Do we have to pay extra for the jersey?”

  • No, uniform cost is factored into your sign up fee.

“Do I have to wear my assigned jersey?”

  • Yes! Players are not permitted to play without their game jersey. Limited supply of extras are available for a cost of $25.00.
  • No jerseys from other leagues are permitted during games.

“Why is the jersey so important?”

  • The jersey and number assigned to each player at the beginning of each season are documented in our insurance records. The jersey proves to AYL staff that a player has signed up, paid all fees, is a US Lacrosse Member, and is covered under US Lacrosse insurance.
  • Your game jersey is as important as your stick. Players who do NOT have their issued game jersey for game days cannot play.

“How is communication handled with team coaches?”

  • During the Spring season, you will be contacted by your designated coach/coaches prior to the start of the season, once the rosters are finalized. Coaches generally elect a Team Mom/Dad who will help with various team details.
  • Because the Fall season does not include practices, it is not mandatory that coaches communicate with their team in the fall, however, some coaches will chose to do so.

“How are news and updates communicated to AYL Members?”

  • League wide information and newsletters are sent via weekly emails through our main office. After registering, your email address is added to our blast email list. If you are not receiving emails, it is recommended that you check your SPAM filter settings. You may cancel your email subscription at any time using the link on the bottom of the emails.
  • If you would like to add another email address to our blast list please contact
  • Team-specific communications are handled by coaches or Team Mom/Dads.

“What is the 24-Hour Rule?”

  • This rule is designed to let cool heads prevail and prevent heated arguments in front of young players. One of the main pillars of our program is “Fun,” which is difficult to have if we permit individuals to accost players, parents, coaches, staff, or volunteers during games or practices.

“Why did this rule start?”

  • In the early days of Atlanta Youth Lacrosse, our staff members had a few incidents with unruly individuals at games, practices, and league events. While our staff was willing to help resolve the problem/concern, they were unable to do so because the particular individual(s) raised their concern in a manner that detracted from the fun and positive atmosphere that we promote at AYL.
  • The 24-Hour Rule came about because our staff needed a way to address concerns and improve the league while providing a family friendly lacrosse atmosphere during all games, practices, camps, and clinics.
  • Since the rule’s inception the number of on-field incidents has dropped significantly. Also, we have been able to address the legitimate concerns of our members, which helps our staff improve our league each weekend.

“How does the 24-Hour Rule work?”

  • If anyone has an issue or concern regarding coaching, playing time, officials, staff, etc., they must wait twenty-four hours before emailing Our staff will document the concern, and address it in a timely manner.
  • This rule is stringently enforced unless there is an immediate health issue or if there is a dangerous situation that our staff is unaware of.

“How do you implement the 24-Hour rule at the fields?”

  • Our staff will not tolerate any individual approaching a coach, official, staff member, or volunteer in an upset, aggressive, unruly manner. If this occurs, the offending person will be removed from the field. They and their child may face removal from the league, camp, or clinic with no refunds issued.
  • If the offending individual will not leave willingly, Atlanta Youth Lacrosse staff reserves the right to contact local law enforcement.

“I have a concern and have waited 24 hours, how do I contact AYL?”

  • Thank you very much for abiding by the 24-Hour Rule. You may address your concern to or you may use our Contact Page.