K2 Story

The K2 Lacrosse Story

 Hello! Frankie & Stephen Kelly here. We are the founders of K2 Lacrosse. We are two brothers from Baltimore, MD who played college lacrosse at UNC Chapel Hill and both moved to Atlanta, GA in August 2017.

Our Story: Both our parents played college lacrosse (Dad at Cornell and Mom at Mary Washington – we promised them we wouldn’t put graduation year), so we have had a stick in our hands since we were born. Playing lacrosse in the backyard together was pretty much a daily occurrence. Lacrosse has had a tremendous impact on our lives and it continues to do so. We have a passion to help kids get better as players and people. For us, it’s about making a difference and ultimately helping kids reach their peak! As Division I athletes, we understand the work ethic and commitment it takes to play at a high level. More importantly, as young men, we understand the importance of putting God and others before ourselves.

Behind the Name: We created K2 Lacrosse as an avenue for kids to get elite level training and be influenced by two brothers who love the game and the young men who play it. The name “K2” embodies what we offer in two ways. On the surface, K2 represents the Kelly name and ultimately us as brothers. Additionally, K2 is the second largest mountain peak in the world (behind only Mt. Everest). This name symbolizes how we want to treat lacrosse and life – striving for excellence (28k feet above sea level is no joke!) while recognizing that our lacrosse achievements never elevate us above the different ‘Everests’ in our lives.

Mission: To equip lacrosse athletes to reach their peak with their God-given talents both on and off the field.

What We Offer: Our primary expertise is face-offs. We hope to create a community of elite-level center middies who gather together on a consistent basis to work hard and push each other to get better. We also do team clinics for local clubs, rec programs, or schools.
Contact: Interested in the K2 Lacrosse experience? Reach out to K2laxcoach@gmail.com and we will be in touch to begin our relationship and point you to our next training session.