Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours

With the holidays upon us and the regular season nearly here I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what this time of year really means. While it is always fun to give and receive presents, I continue to find that the time spent with friends and family is the best part about the holidays.

Over the last week I got to coach with my good friend and fellow official Andy Halperin. We ran U9 Polar Bear clinics, the U11/U13 Yin & Yang clinics, and the Drop & Shop clinics together and enjoyed working with the new players. As always, it was a pleasure working and chatting with Andy who I consider one of my true best friends and valued colleague. Another plus from those clinics was getting to coach alongside my Dad, Lou Corsetti. He and I traded new drill ideas and practice plans to keep the clinics fresh and interesting for the kids. I’m certainly excited to unwrap some presents, but those moments will eventually fade from memory. The time spent with my friend Andy and my father Lou is going to be with me forever.

So this holiday season remember to take a moment and really appreciate the time you get to spend with those you care about.

Happy Holidays
The Corsetti Family

About Lou Corsetti

Gordon is a born lacrosse official who played for ten years before realizing he'd much rather ref the game than play it. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and officiates youth, high school, and collegiate men's lacrosse games all over the southeast. His passion is educating and training officials, coaches, players, parents and all other fans on the rules of lacrosse, it's history, and how best to develop lacrosse in new areas.

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