Gearing Up Properly

I have lost count of the number of players and parents who come up to me before a game asking for help putting on lacrosse equipment. For the old hats in this game putting on your gear is second nature but we forget how intimidating all that gear is for new players. Especially if they have not played a sport that required so much equipment to play.

I am certain I will help out some new players this season, but I hope this video will assist our new parents and players in the proper way to gear up before they hit the field. However, if you forget how to put your gear on find an AYL staff member and ask them to help you out!


About Lou Corsetti

Gordon is a born lacrosse official who played for ten years before realizing he'd much rather ref the game than play it. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and officiates youth, high school, and collegiate men's lacrosse games all over the southeast. His passion is educating and training officials, coaches, players, parents and all other fans on the rules of lacrosse, it's history, and how best to develop lacrosse in new areas.

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