Farewell and Good Luck

th_6fa67e31It is with great sadness and enthusiasm that Mary Jo and I bid farewell to our Son Gordon.  Gordon has been hired by US Lacrosse the governing body and educational experts in the sport of lacrosse.

He has been selected as the educational manager for men’s officials across the board for US Lacrosse.  This is a great opportunity for him and while our lacrosse brethren in Georgia will miss him a great deal the sport of lacrosse will benefit from someone with the skills, experience and knowledge that Gordon possesses at the national level.  Watching him grow from a young fifth grade lacrosse player to one of the top officials in the state would make any Dad swell with pride.

Over the last few years he has published over 300 articles and training videos for Atlanta Youth Lacrosse, Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association, Lax All Stars as well some of his articles have been picked up by US Lacrosse.  All of these articles have helped players, coaches and parents in our program, nationally and abroad.  He has a keen sense and awareness and all of his articles have a profound message as it relates to coaching young people.  He has also helped train hundreds of youth officials as well as many new adult officials in the state of Georgia. One of my happiest moments for Gordon is when he published his first book “Advanced Rules, Improving Your Lacrosse Officiating”

Mary Jo and I are blessed to have two tremendous children (Gordon and Caitlin) who are terrific writers and now they both get to ply their trade on a daily basis.

Lacrosse has been a family passion for us for so long and sometimes you don’t really see how important it has become to so many families in our community.  Each year we have many new families that become part of Atlanta Youth Lacrosse and the lacrosse culture.  Gordon will be moving to Baltimore in September and we will only get a chance to see him on holidays and  annual vacations.  In honor of Gordon I will post one of his articles on a weekly basis as the message he puts forth is always important and you can never hear them enough.

Listed below are some of Gordon’s links to his writings:




Gordons Book

Please Join Mary Jo, Caitlin and me as we wish Gordon good luck and success in his future endevors.


See ya on the field,


MJ and coach Lou

About Lou Corsetti

Coach Corsetti has had many roles as a local and national lacrosse ambassador. Lou has had the pleasure of coaching 36 All-American Players, 12 Academic All-Americans, over 120 All-State Players (New York and Georgia) and several All-Star teams including the first Lacrosse Team to participate in the Georgia Games in 1993.

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