Expected Fan Behavior at
Atlanta Youth Lacrosse Games

At their best, youth sports programs provide young people with a safe environment in which to have fun, build character, learn sportsmanship and
develop life skills that help them become responsible adults.

Our coaches and staff work very hard to teach our players the four tenets of the AYL mission:

  1. Fun
  2. Fundamentals
  3. Sportsmanship
  4. Honoring the game

We teach and expect our players to adhere and follow these tenets, and we expect that our parents also adhere to these tenets when cheering from the sidelines.

Atlanta Youth Lacrosse staff and officials reserve the right to stop any game if a fan or fans cannot keep the youth game in perspective and acts in a manner than negatively effects the positive atmosphere that we maintain at our fields.

When you come to watch your child’s game we encourage you to sit back and relax. Enjoy the day and soak in some sun.

We ask that all of our adult fans keep in mind that these kids are playing youth recreational lacrosse and are not a nationally televised college championship game.

With your help and commitment to this ideal game environment we look forward to providing a fun family environment every weekend of our seasons!

Helpful Sideline Cheering Hints

  • If you approach cheering for your child and their team rather than cheering against their opponents you immediately create a more positive atmosphere
  • Great phrases for positive cheering (very broad statements that will not impact your child’s coach’s game plan):
    • Settle down
    • Possess the ball
    • Relax
    • Be smart
    • Wheel it
    • Move it
    • Hustle
    • Keep running
    • Nice save
    • Great shot
    • Good defense
  • Avoid saying (very specific phrases that may go against what your child’s coach wants to focus on for a particular game):
    • Shoot it
    • Take him
    • Go to the cage
    • Hit him*
    • Kill him*
    • Knock him down*
      • *Please note that until the U13 age level there is no permitted body checking. Encouraging players under U13 to hit or body check another player does not help those players learn to operate within the rules of their age-group. Body checking should be learned once basic skills are mastered.

How to Best Treat the Officials

Officials at the youth level have one main focus – Safety. If safety calls are not being made our AYL Staff Members will address that with the game officials. We treat our officials well when they come to officiate our youth games and we expect that our parents and fans will treat the game officials in the same positive manner.

During games we ask that our fans let the officials officiate with the understanding that the officiating crew may not catch everything. Also understand that your view from the sideline is far different from the view of on-field officials. We also ask that our fans avoid trying to correct a perceived incorrect call, loudly insist that the official is wrong, confront officials during game breaks or after the final game of the day, or any attempt to verbally abuse an official at our field locations.

Lastly…for those of you who seem to know all about the rules and how to officiate, we welcome you to shadow a Certified official on field, during a game so we can evaluate you!

Finally, please note that AYL stands by game officials for their in-game calls. Calls made during games are final.