Fall League is here!

Well we are very excited to start a new Fall season tomorrow.  The anticipation of watching all of our players having fun and competing always gives me a thrill.  Fall is my favorite time of the year and as an ex College Football/Lacrosse player the thought of stepping on the field again is a terrific feeling.  While there is no chill in the air yet and my hooded sweatshirts are still on the top shelf of my closet I can’t wait to get out on the field.

This will be our 12th Fall season.  This seems like a lot but compared to other established programs around the country that number is small.  I speak to parents, players,  High School and College coaches on a daily bases and over the years I continue to hold true to the belief that Fall Ball should be:

  1. Fun
  2. Opportunity to improve
  3. Exposure to the game
  4. Getting outside
  5. Lacrosse IQ
  6. Trying a new position
  7. Make mistakes
  8. Fun

Many programs get caught up in winning and who is the best team in the fall league.  Our Fall League is a little different as we don’t keep score because we just want the players to get better and have fun while improving each time out.  We don’t have practices because we believe young people today have too many activities going on during the week.  Adding practice puts yet another stress point on our families.   We don’t want to burn out our coaches who give their time tirelessly each season and Spring is for practice and more competitive games.

So lets have fun playing and watching the game we all love.


See ya on the field,

MJ and Coach Lou


About Lou Corsetti

Coach Corsetti has had many roles as a local and national lacrosse ambassador. Lou has had the pleasure of coaching 36 All-American Players, 12 Academic All-Americans, over 120 All-State Players (New York and Georgia) and several All-Star teams including the first Lacrosse Team to participate in the Georgia Games in 1993.

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