Atlanta Youth Lacrosse is not just about practices and games. We regularly teach fun, fundamentals, sportsmanship, and honoring the game, but our fifth mission is educating everyone about the terrific game of lacrosse. Our staff is always interested in the development of our players, but we also want to bring the passion and joy of lacrosse that our youth players have to their parents, coaches, and fans. At AYL, we can think of no better way to do this than by educating every person who comes into our youth lacrosse program about this game.

The links to the left will cover nearly every aspect of the game for the lacrosse novice as well as best practices to adhere to while at any lacrosse game. Currently our “Education” pages cover:

  • Players
  • Parents
    • Fans
    • Officiating
  • Coaches
  • Zebras

Our staff is putting together the following pages that will be available in the coming weeks:

  • Lacrosse Basics
  • Lacrosse Terminology
  • Sideline Management
  • Pre-Game Encouragement
  • Proper Post-Game Critiques

Once those pages are set, they will be an excellent knowledge repository to both our local members and any new lacrosse fans across the country. If you have a topic that you believe would make for a great “Education” page, please email your idea to

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