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Odor Gladiator Discount!

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A few months ago I did a guest post for Odor Gladiator. Entitled “Something About Stink,” the post focused on the peculiar reasons that many athletes have for keeping their gear smelling rancid. In the past, the options to keeping your gear smelling clean year-round were: Febrezing it to death, which took a good bit of effort, or washing it regularly, which was cumbersome. I always thought I was stuck with those options, but no more! Enter the Odor Gladiator!

Get your OG in AYL Colors!

Get your OG in AYL Colors!

The Odor Gladiator “brings the battle to your bag.” Having used the OG for the last three months I am an absolute believer in this product’s ability to vaporize bad smells. As many of you know, I officiate lacrosse games all over Georgia. Which means I practically live out of my car. I used to keep copious bottles of good smelling sprays, and lots of air fresheners to combat the growing stench of clothes left strewn about the back seats. One, I repeat, one Odor Gladiator has kept my car smelling great for the entire season this year!

After reading a few of the posts on AYL, Chief Gladiator Mike Morneault, contacted me about partnering with Atlanta Youth Lacrosse. He has graciously offered a discount code to all AYL members! Head over to, create your OG, and check out. From the checkout screen, add in the discount code AYLROCKS12, and you will get $4.00 dollars off your Odor Gladiator! You can choose any combination of 14 different colors for the helmet (yellow in the photo) and the mask (black in the photo). I highly recommend showing your pride in your team and getting an OG in your team’s colors.

I am certain that you will find the OG your newest and most favorite tool in combating the odor that permeates equipment bags and cars. This is a product that holds up great, is easy to use, and, most importantly, does what it says it will do.

This offer will not last forever! Get your discount before it closes on June 30, 2012!

Bring the Battle to Your Bag!

Great Weekend of Lacrosse

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I hope everyone enjoyed the weather this weekend on opening day of Atlanta Youth Lacrosse.  Even with spring break taking many families away we still managed to have some very close games and everyone had fun.

It is interesting when you get to spend time with young people and how the interact with each other.  While I know they have enormous amounts of pressure on them it is good to see how much fun they can have it we just let them be kids.

This Friday evening our High School Team (Riverwood Raiders) lost a tough game to the runner ups to last years High School Championship in overtime 9-8.  Before the game I told our players just give it a great effort but to have FUN!.  And they did just that.  They gave a tremendous effort and while they lost they had fun doing it.  After the game many people were down and hanging their heads.

I was smiling ear to ear because I knew our team could not play any better and I know they had fun.  The moment the other team scored and ran on the field I had a thought in my head as what a great moment for both teams.   To be able to compete and understand the thrill of victory and disappointment of losing a tough contest.  I am blessed and lucky as I was able to get back on the field with our first game at 9:00 AM Saturday morning watching our 5/6 grade teams compete in another great contest.

So it does not matter if you win a tough contest…if you do your best and have fun you will always have great memories.

See ya on the field…Coach Lou



Atlanta Youth Lacrosse…Lets Get This Party Started!

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Opening Day of Lacrosse season is always one of the best days of the year.  We find each team ready to spring into action and put what they learned in practice to the test.

Each year (since 1991 – in Atlanta) I have seen the smiles and enthusiasm of our players and coaches and the wonderful way our parents react to their sons/daughters ups and downs.

Our league is built upon a fabric of Responsibility, Caring, Honesty, Service and Sportsmanship.  We adhere to our core values of Fun…Fundamentals…Sportsmanship and Honoring the Game.  All of our coaches and players take this very seriously and it is something that we talk about often.

We will win and lose some games during the year but if you can remember to remain humble in both cases we will be able to teach valuble lessons to each other.

Below is a good story about humility, I believe you wil enjoy it.  Good Luck to everyone and can’t wait to see you all this weekend.

See ya on the field…Coach Lou

One of the core tenets of the martial arts is humility, but unfortunately some practitioners don’t seem to embrace these values and instead insist on being aggressive, arrogant and boastful. If you know someone like this you might want to show them this short story about a wise Zen Master.

It was obvious to the master from the start of the conversation that the professor was not so much interested in learning about Zen as he was in impressing the master with his own opinions and knowledge. As the Zen teacher spoke, the proud man would frequently interrupt him with remarks like “Oh, yes we have that, too” and so on.

Finally, the Zen teacher stopped talking and began to serve tea to the learned man. He poured until the cup was full… and then kept pouring until it overflowed.

“Enough!” the professor once more interrupted. “The cup is overfull, no more will go in!”

“Indeed, I see,” answered the Zen teacher. “Like this cup, you are full of your own opinions and speculations. If you do not first empty your cup, how can you taste my cup of tea?”