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What would Socrates think?

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“Your child’s success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent you are. But having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.”

Think about this for a moment and read it again.

I read this article recently from Inside Lacrosse ( click on link Your Parenting ).  There is a very disturbing trend in coaching, teaching and the challenges of being a parent.  This article tends to dwell on the negative.  Being the optimist that I am I would like to dwell on the positive of coaching, teaching and parenting.  There is no owners manual when it comes to raising children.   We all have great aspirations for our children as well as the ones we have the honor to coach or teach.  Young people need structure and forms of discipline to help them with the challenges of growing up.  Yet many parents don’t allow there children to fail forward.

Over the course of their young life they will encounter good and bad coaches, teachers and authority figures.  Knowing this we should do our best to help them with above mentioned quote.

Is your child coachable?

Are they a great teammate?

Are they mentally tough?

Are they resilient?

Do they try their best?

I think back to my Mom & Dad and the lessons they taught me.  They all revolve around working hard, being respectful, tough, trying my best and never making excuses or letting my teammates down.  These lessons helped me have a successful career as well as being a tough yet understanding coach.

The quote below is from Socrates who died in 399BC:

“The children now love luxury.  They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.”

Raising, teaching and coaching children was as challenging then as it is now.  We just have to keep guiding them and letting them fail forward.

See ya on the field!

Coach Lou


Compliments to Inside Lacrosse writer Peter Lasagna for a thought provoking article

Lets get going…Fall Ball is here

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We began our Fall Ball season this weekend along with the start of College Football.  It was great to see so many of our players and families during Labor Day weekend to the start of Fall Ball.

As I stated during our pre-clinic team gathering’s Atlanta Youth Lacrosse Fall Ball is vey different then other programs.  We don’t have practices for several reasons:

  1. Players may be playing other Fall sports (Spring is the season for full bore LACROSSE)
  2. Commit to being the best student possible.  Achive academic greatness
  3. Trying to avoid burnout and over committment to one sport
  4. Giving our Moms and Dad’s a break so they are not driving during rush hour to get to practice
  5. Giving our volunteer coaches a break so they can have quality family time during the fall
  6. Our S.T.A.R program (Students That Accept Responsiblity) – a mentoring program that allows students to garner volunteer hours while helping our younger players to succeed
  7. Did I mention it’s College Football season 🙂

We stress to experience players to work on their off-hand or try a new position while improving their overall skills.  We ask our beginning players to perform Wall Ball routines (see link below) as well we encourage all players to participate in weekly progressive clinics

Atlanta Youth Lacrosse prides itself on “Fun, Fundmentals, Sportsmanship and Honoring the Game”.  We take this very seriously and we want every player and family to enjoy themselves each and every weekend.

If you know of a player that is interested in playing this fall please have them visit our web site or fill out the attached contact form we have limited spots available.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our games next weekend for Youth and High School contests.

See ya on the field…MJ and Coach Lou



It’s all about the Snow Cone!

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Well the summer tournament season has passed and we had an opportunity to meet new friends and strengthen relationships with older friends, officials, coaches and opponents.

Unlike the Spring and Fall Seasons, Summer Lacrosse is a whole different animal.  I see teams that call themselves:

  • Elite
  • Select
  • All-Stars
  • Masters of the Universe

At the end of the day it should be FUN and enjoyable for all those involved.  I have been involved for the last 13 years with tournament teams and I have seen some interesting things.  Parents and Coaches screaming at refs (I slipped a few times during my coaching career), Players bending the rules and playing chippy, Officials who have no business officiating at higher levels, over zealous Coaches and sometimes fist-a-cuffs between players and yes even fans.

Now I don’t want to dwell on the negative because I have seen terrific officials explain things to young men and even patrol the sideline to explain to a group of parents his last call.  I have seen kids pat and opponent on the back for a good play and help them up after a body check.  I have seen and have had fun with other coaches bantering on the sidelines together.  I have heard parents yell to an opposing goalie “Great Save”.

My son Gordon wrote something to me the other day reminding me that we don’t own the game we are just stewards of the game.

“We can do all of this because we acknowledge that lacrosse is not ours.  As stewards we only take care of lacrosse, we do not own it. It does not belong to us. It belongs to the player, the mother and father, the fan, the coach, and the official.   But even that isn’t true. It belongs to the next player, the next mother and father, the next fan, the next coach, and the next official.

Our U11 Coyote team recently won a tournament and to put it all in perspective they only cared if Coach Owen was going to buy them snow cones.  So the Tournament Directors were trying to round up 22 U11 players so they could take a picture of them and give them their champion medallions.  At least 12 of the players were chasing Coach Owen down screaming “Owen, Owen, Owen”.  I could not stop laughing and it put it all in perspective for me.  Win or Lose, It’s always about the snow cone!

u11 champs