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Goalie Play

Over the years I have had the opportunity to be around and help coach many great Goalies from Alex Heaton (Lovett), Ben Flood (Lovett), David Perrin (Westminster) Justin Leaf (Pace), Kevin Kirkwood (Chattahoochee), Alex Crawford (Lassiter) and Sage Hardin (Marist).  All of these Goalies had different traits and characteristics that helped them excel.  In some cases it was great feet, eyes, quickness, communication, leadership or natural athletic ability.   But all of them developed their fundamentals for playing the position and worked hard at mastering those fundamentals.

I came across this article recently (see below link) regarding Goalie play.  The article outlines several drills for any coach who wants to help his goalies improve.

There are many drills to use to work with goalies but these drills I believe will be great for any goalie and great warm ups before and during practice.  As a long time coach I always ask our goalies to try and come to practice 20 minutes before the team arrives so we can work on individual drills.  The reason for this is not many teams have a goalie coach and when the team starts going the goalie typically gets left behind.  Try these out it may help your goalies play at a higher level and they are a lot of fun.

Special thanks to Texas Lacrosse Mag

See ya on the field

Coach Lou

Why Wall Ball is so important

Over the years many players have heard me discuss the importance of Wall Ball.  Many coaches talk about it and many players say they do it.  Truth be told players just don’t do it enough and if they do they are doing it incorrectly.

I have seen the game grow by leaps and bounds since the inception of Atlanta Youth Lacrosse in the early nineties.  High School lacrosse was born from our days at Murphy Chandler Park.  We now have thousands of young people playing the game and Atlanta was just awarded a two new pro teams The Georgia Swarm (NLL) and the Georgia Blaze MLL.  Not to mention the ACC Championships will be held in Atlanta for the first time.

If you have an opportunity to talk with any pro player or NCAA player they will tell you the following:

  1. Play Wall Ball
  2. I still play Wall Ball

Let that sink for a minute.

Now I don’t profess to know if any of our players will be the next Scott Ratliff (Atlanta Youth Lacrosse Alum) or join the ranks of players that have played in College.  What I do know is the path to a successful High School career is to play as much Wall Ball as possible.

If you can’t catch and throw the game is just not as fun.  If we put down the video games for the next three months and get on the Wall you will see a marked improvement in your game.

Over the next few weeks I will be doing free Wall Ball Clinics to show players the proper way to perform a Wall Ball routine in hopes that all of our players sign up for the Wall Ball Challenge.  Listed below are links for you to meet the Challenge: Rick Lewis former player for Ohio State who played on first travel Team Georgia for Coach Corsetti

I trust every player will read this post and take the Challenge to improve their game and have fun with it.

See ya on the field.


Coach Lou

Lets get going…Fall Ball is here

We began our Fall Ball season this weekend along with the start of College Football.  It was great to see so many of our players and families during Labor Day weekend to the start of Fall Ball.

As I stated during our pre-clinic team gathering’s Atlanta Youth Lacrosse Fall Ball is vey different then other programs.  We don’t have practices for several reasons:

  1. Players may be playing other Fall sports (Spring is the season for full bore LACROSSE)
  2. Commit to being the best student possible.  Achive academic greatness
  3. Trying to avoid burnout and over committment to one sport
  4. Giving our Moms and Dad’s a break so they are not driving during rush hour to get to practice
  5. Giving our volunteer coaches a break so they can have quality family time during the fall
  6. Our S.T.A.R program (Students That Accept Responsiblity) – a mentoring program that allows students to garner volunteer hours while helping our younger players to succeed
  7. Did I mention it’s College Football season 🙂

We stress to experience players to work on their off-hand or try a new position while improving their overall skills.  We ask our beginning players to perform Wall Ball routines (see link below) as well we encourage all players to participate in weekly progressive clinics

Atlanta Youth Lacrosse prides itself on “Fun, Fundmentals, Sportsmanship and Honoring the Game”.  We take this very seriously and we want every player and family to enjoy themselves each and every weekend.

If you know of a player that is interested in playing this fall please have them visit our web site or fill out the attached contact form we have limited spots available.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our games next weekend for Youth and High School contests.

See ya on the field…MJ and Coach Lou