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Every Lacrosse Signal

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This week is Rules/Officiating week. Two quick things before we dive in: The last post of the week will detail an officiating camp open to all 5th-12th grade AYL players, and any parents who are interested in officiating. Second, I will be detailing youth rules that may not be implemented in your local league. I highly encourage fellow youth lacrosse leagues to consider implementing one or two of the rules I will discuss that drastically improve player skills and are easy to get the hang of. Now, onto every lacrosse signal!

During my sideline Q & A sessions, I often get asked what a particular signal means. I explain the offsides signal, crease violation signal, illegal procedure signal, and more. I always get eyeballs that light up in understanding from the fans, especially youth parents who are brand new to the game. This sideline Q & A is not just great for the fans, it also helps me and my officiating partner during the second half. Because all the fans now recognize that the official knows the game, and they relax and enjoy the game even more since they now know what the officials are signaling.

All official lacrosse signals can be found in the back pages of the NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rulebook. They are broken down into three categories:

  1. Procedural Signals (timeouts, goals, stalling, counts, failure to advance, etc)
  2. Personal Fouls (slashing, tripping, unsportsmanlike conduct, ejection, etc)
  3. Technical Fouls (pushing, illegal procedure, warding, conduct foul, etc)

The video below details every signal in the back of the NFHS rulebook. After watching it you will be able to identify what any US Lacrosse-trained official is signaling during any lacrosse game. Also, any youth players who are interested in officiating can improve their signaling by practicing the signals in this video.


Spring 2012 Registration Is Open!

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Register for the 2012 Spring Season!

Atlanta Youth Lacrosse upgraded to League Toolbox over the offseason. Here are a few of the many services League Toolbox allows AYL to give to our members:

  1. Register your family only once – and enter information only once – Once a parent has registered, they register their children with ease. Family discounts and price breaks for multiple children can be setup and are automatically applied.
  2. Individual Team Websites  – Each team in each division gets their own website! For example, gorillas-ayllax.leaguetoolbox.com
  3. Master Schedule, Team schedule, and Family schedule – View the schedule in three different ways. A complete master schedule will always be available, but the individual team websites lists the dates and times for your team’s games. Also, you can login to your League Toolbox profile and view your personalized family schedule, which lists every game that your children are playing in!
  4. Communication – if a game gets canceled, or a field is rained out only those affected team players, coaches, and parents get an email.
  5. Team Standings and Scores – we’re keeping better track of scores and standings than ever before. By Monday afternoon, all of the weekend games’ scores will be entered into the system. You can see how well your team is doing compared to other teams in the 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and HS leagues!
  6. Your Profile – here you can view:
    1. Your username and password
    2. Your family schedule
    3. Your children. Plus what division they are in and what team they are on
    4. Your information. Change your personal information
    5. Invoices from everything you ever registered for at Atlanta Youth Lacrosse, starting with Spring 2012 Registration (wink, wink)

To register, click the Large Green “Spring 2012” Registration Button at the top of our website www.ayllax.com. From that registration link you will be able to login and register for a season, camp, clinic, or AYL event. We even streamlined the registration process so you don’t have to click as often or as much! If you are prompted, please click allow or trust, when directed to registration page for the first time.

We hope everyone likes the new registration system, but we realize this change may cause confusion and more than a few questions. If you are having trouble with registration, would like to know more about it, or want to discuss the benefits of the new system, please contact our Head Official and registration director, Gordon Corsetti at rules@ayllax.com.

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