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AYL TV – Tripping

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Rule 5, Section 7 – Tripping (NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rule Book)

“Tripping is obstructing an opponent at or below the waist with the crosse (lacrosse stick), hands, arms, feet or legs, by any positive primary action if the obstructing player is on his feet or by any secondary action when the obstructing player is not on his feet. When a player legally checks the crosse of an opponent and the result is to cause the opponent to trip over his own crosse, no foul is committed. Similarly, if an opponent falls over a player’s crosse when that player is attempting to scoop a loose ball, no foul has been committed.”

Hopefully this video tutorial was helpful in showing you the difference between a trip and incidental contact. Remember, there must be positive action by the defender in order for a trip to be called.

Since a trip is a one, two, or three minute personal foul it can be a very heavy penalty to have at the beginning of a game. You may see a trip getting called as a push with possession, a 30 second technical foul. This shows the players and the coaches that the official is watching the game but does not want to start the game out with such a heavy penalty.

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