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                SPRING LEAGUE 

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Feb-May—Boys grades Pre K – 7th

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Atlanta Youth Lacrosse has partnered with The Cobb County Lacrosse Classic sponsored by LB3 Lacrosse.

For every ticket an AYL player or parent purchases AYL $5.00 back to help support our program.

Scott Ratliff the President of LB3 Lacrosse and former Atlanta Youth Lacrosse alum is thrilled that we will be trying to get as many players to the game as possible.

The games will be played at Kennesaw State University and the lineup is terrific see below:

February 20th all games!

Notre Dame vs. Georgetown @11:30PM – Men’s Lacrosse
Duke vs. Denver @2PM – Men’s Lacrosse
Kennesaw vs. Davidson @5PM – Women’s Lacrosse (free game)
Hobart vs. Siena @7PM – Men’s Lacrosse (free game)

Click on this link to purchase your tickets for this wonderful event and help support lacrosse in Georgia – Cobb County Lacrosse Classic

Coaches Spotlight:  Coach Richard Kopelman

“Coaching at Atlanta Youth Lacrosse for the past six years ranks among my most rewarding and enjoyable experiences. AYL’s emphasis on honoring and enjoying the game meshes perfectly with my belief that the focus of youth sports should be: (1) having fun; and (2) getting better. Whether dealing with players who have just started elementary school and never before picked up a lacrosse stick, or are about to head to high school where they hope to play varsity lacrosse, there’s never a dull moment, and I never grow tired of seeing the sense of accomplishment on the kids’ faces as they become better players. I really cannot think of a better way to spend a couple hours on a weekend than coaching, and hope to continue doing so for many years”.


Coach K as he is known on the field puts everything he has in coaching all the players on the team.  As a Dad and husband he understands the true meaning of sports (having fun and improving) and is always helping kids regardless if they are on his team or not.  Coach K is what we all strive to be balancing a succesful law practice and spending quality time with his sons and all the players in our league.  He is a true gentleman and fun to be around.


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